Chocolate covered strawberries are among the most sought after desserts and do have the idea that they are among the most healthy diets too. And these chocolates provide a lot of sweet, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and nutrients all at the same time. The manner in which the Strawberry chocolates are prepared on a large scale. First the strawberries are washed with warm water and removed of any excess dust particles that may be settled from the farm and then they are delicately dried and finally applied with chocolate. Next it is advisable to take a tumbler of chocolate pieces and fried in a pan and then made to boil in a can filled with water.

Later, covered the pan to prevent any moisture from getting into the pan and on top of the bigger one and by making sure of how the water is not overlapping into the smaller you want, you can place the chips in a big glass bowl, cover it and then set the microwave to melt it for about a minute.After the It has been thoroughly melted, thread each strawberry through a skewer and carefully dip each strawberry into the chocolate using a rotating motion Continue to swirl the skewer around to distribute the chocolate all around the strawberry evenly.Place each finished strawberry on a plate or cooking sheet paper and wait for the chocolate to harden.Placing them in the fridge can speed up the hardening about an hour or so and you’re done! Chocolate covered strawberries get automatically tastier when once the cocoa settles onto the fruit after the preparation process and one gets to check the taste after the initial cooking of the Strawberry Chocolate.

Again, chocolates of all types render a certain type of satisfaction that brings about certain happiness about the fact that they are eating healthy food. Also we need to be educated to inform people about the role of dark chocolate on health benefits and the fact that a good chocolate is about sharing the good times with the people around you. You actually share the feelings of togetherness with friends and family members who will begin to spread a feeling of love and affection amongst the various people who go about making the designs of this form of chocolate covered strawberries. For more Details on Chocolate Covered Strawberries Check this Site :