Welcome to the pleasure of chocolate and the ultimate chocolate gifts offerings. A realm where sumptuous variety and distinctive quality meet the art of living. Our signature creations are the refined result of over 40 years of passion and savoir-faire. Embrace a culture and unique heritage of exceptional chocolate gifts that make life exquisite. Patchi chocolate, boxes and gift arrangements invite you to share sensational generosity while experiencing the irresistible, elegant and innovative. Patchi adds a touch of exclusivity to your seasonal and every day gifts and celebrations. Express yourself and cherish the moment with a name that redefines quality of life. Make every day special with Patchi.


History and Savoir-faire

It all started with a dream and an 11 year old boy who was fascinated by the universe of chocolate: Nizar Choucair. As he grew older, so did his passion until it became a dream come true. A pioneer and innovator, Choucair knew that chocolate had the potential to become something even more special. He felt it had the power to bring added joy to people. With these beliefs as his muse, he was inspired to create something new. This creative concept embodied transforming chocolate into gift items. Patchi was born. 1974 marked the start of this premium brand's rise to success and path to win the hearts of many. Ever since, Patchi has been on a unique journey that has evolved with the passing years and the spread of this exclusive brand throughout the world. Each moment has been one of discovering new cultures, celebrations and exceptional times.

The Maison is tied to an exclusive heritage. Attention to fine detail, an emphasis on uniqueness and “savoir-faire” intertwine in each of our chocolate gift creations. Values melt together to make us who we are. Our diverse offerings are elegant opportunities to reveal your generosity through the rich variety of chocolate flavours and the wide selection of gifting items. This is coupled with our enthusiasm for gift giving. This feeling surpasses any other in life and a Patchi gift takes this to a new level of distinction. Our timeless pieces style a lasting impression and our creativity is brought to life by our team of experienced artisans so every season is crowned with distinctive collections that taste of innovation and “l'art de vivre”. Our name tells a tale of exclusivity. It symbolizes a brand celebrated as the creator of the chocolate gift and a trendsetter in the world of premium chocolate.

Our VISION of GENEROSITY Generosity leads the world. The act of giving and receiving has the power to move people. It invites positivity and joy into lives. Generosity makes the world a warmer, more caring and affectionate place. It celebrates goodness and crowns moments with a festive spirit. Through it life becomes an art crafted by thoughtfulness. And it is this vision that drives Patchi to become the top premium chocolate gift brand that makes everyday special. We achieve this inspirational goal by focusing on your satisfaction, remaining true to our heritage, and upholding our heart-made nature.

Our HEART-MADE PHILOSOPHY At the heart of Patchi is attention to detail and this essence can be felt in everything we do. We always think of you and are here to inspire you when you want to indulge in the generosity of giving. To us, this means dedicating time to creating each product, every collection, and all our exclusive chocolate gifts. We are never the same. We are home to creativity. Our look and feel shifts with the seasons, answering your dream of something unique, innovative and made-to-measure. It unwraps our distinctive savoir-faire, detailed refinement, and handmade artistry. We promise that Patchi is heart-made and hence offer you an extensive selection to choose from. Each visit to our boutiques is a journey to discover new gift creations, new trends and exclusive style. Our signature spirit makes you feel treasured. It showers you with exclusive attention and transforms a chocolate gift from Patchi into a symbol of how much you care for the people in your life.

Patchi Ateliers Patchi's handmade chocolate gift collections and strikingly elegant packaging are all created by the talented team at Patchi Ateliers. Our Ateliers brings to life unique creations that embody savoir-faire and expertise. Here, each detail comes together to craft timeless pieces and chocolate jewels. Made-to-measure precision merges with creativity and the height of elegance.

We create chocolate jewels where each piece is crowned by a distinctive look and fine craftsmanship. Our approach to chocolate gift items is like haute-couture. Everything is designed and fashioned with care and the colours and textures change with the seasons. These ingredients help us add a special touch to your life.

The Ateliers is the exclusive home of several departments, each with a different area of specialization:

Chocolate: At Patchi chocolate making is an art form. A celebration of unique taste and superior production methods. Our chefs are keen to offer you the finest chocolate made with the utmost care so you can enjoy the sumptuousness of fresh chocolate at all our boutiques. The Maison only uses the highest quality cocoa butter, cocoa mass, sugar and milk. No colouring or preservatives are used.

These premium ingredients are first mixed and refined to make the chocolate. The rich texture then undergoes the conching process to bring out its ultimate flavour and consistency and is then tempered to further enhance the overall quality. The tempered chocolate is then transformed into the chocolate you love. Every piece is moulded to perfection and some are filled with a wide variety of enticing flavours. Each piece undergoes a quality check before being wrapped and stored under special conditions.

Silverware: The heart of elegance where state-of-the-art designs and high quality merge.Patchi takes gift giving to the next level by making its own silverware in addition to stainless steel, iron and copper creations. This means that everybody can enjoy Patchi's signature designs. Using fine raw materials selected for their durability and quality, The Maison moulds the metal then shears it and presses it, ensuring everything takes shape perfectly at all times. With a keen eye for precision, our artisans prepare, weld, cut, clean and polish each piece. Once this is done, the creation is dipped in silver or copper multiple times till it gets its true gleam. It is then polished again and packed. Because Patchi cares about the end product, every creation undergoes quality checks at each stage of the production process. We also care about the community. This is why our silverware department takes measures to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal and that our artisans have a safe work environment. We are renowned for the special standards of Patchi silverware (ISO-9001-2008) and it's easy to see why.

Handmade Flowers and Decorations: The artistic workshop that paints a palate of trendy style through chocolate decorations, souvenirs and gift items. Fabric, porcelain, glass and other materials are used to spice up your occasions.

When crafting Patchi's signature handmade flowers and other lush decorations, our creative artisans begin by selecting the finest fabrics that best suit the design of the flowers and the other shapes that will dress up The Maison's chocolates, packaging and gifts. The fabric is then coloured in one colour or in multiple colours depending on the design. It is then cut, ironed and embossed to add details. The different parts of the flowers are then brought to life at our ateliers or as part of our community outreach programme. This department also crafts baskets and cases out of leather, wood and other materials.

Printing house: Elegant paper bags, inviting chocolate boxes, attractive labelling and more are made here. Patchi's printing press does everything from start to finish. This makes The Maison's packaging and printed items unique. Our signature artwork is designed in-house and is sent to this department which handles the printing, laminating, cutting, and finishing. With the expertise of our master printers, each design is brought to light in its full glory and with rich colours. Our multiple cutting machines then cut, cease and die-cut the sheets so they can take shape as a box, bag, tag etc. Skilled artisans and specialized machines accordingly assemble the items. The finished products are then quality checked. Each printed item at Patchi is the culmination of expertise and aesthetic appeal.

An Initiative From the Heart: Patchi Ateliers has a community outreach programme. This pivotal initiative provides much needed financial support to 2,500 local families and social institutions. Under this initiative, we train individuals, handle the logistics and then accordingly let them work from home. This is part of Patchi's heart-made approach that focuses on the well-being of others and the spirit of generosity.

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