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Elite Fruit Tower
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Elite Fruit Tower Elite Fruit Tower Elite Fruit Tower Elite Fruit Tower
3 Tier Gift Box Tower
Elite Fruit Tower

Chocolates as rich as Gold!

This fun gift box contains 6 pieces of our very popular Milk chocolate filled with praline cream and chunks of Almonds. Each chocolate piece is wrapped in Gold paper and stamped with an authentic-looking Gold Lingot design.

An Elite Collection of our Patchi Favorites all wrapped up under one lid... Enjoy!!

Royal, Croquet, Speciale, Praline Noir, Praline Lait, Superbe, Amandine Blanc, Amandine Lait, Passion, Plasir

Patchi has taken two favorites and put them together in perfect harmony...

Patchi Chocolate Enrobed over Delicious Fruit

2 Raspberry - 2 Mango -2 Strawberry - 2 Pineapple - 2 Pomegranate - 2 Blueberry

Gift Tower Includes: elite red cfg2128 elite fruit cfg1073 gold lingots cfg2004

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